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March 10, 2020

North Grenville Municipal Centre
285 County Road 44
Kemptville ON K0G 1J0

March 11, 2020

Best Western Plus
930 Burnham Street
Cobourg ON K9A 2X9

Soil Health Conference Flyer

Thank you to everyone that attended. For those that wanted to review a session or missed the event, see the recorded sessions below.


Cover Crops, Drainage, Earthworms and More

CEU 1: Soil & Water Management

Eileen Kladivko, Professor of Agronomy at Purdue University

  • How can you improve your soil's resilience in bad weather years? Tile drainage is only part of the answer. Cover crops, tillage, and more.

Soil is Alive! How to Build a Health Soil Microbiology

CEU 1: Soil & Water Management

Cynthia Kallenback, Assistant Professor in Soil Ecology and Biogeochemistry at McGill University

  • Healthy, productive soils don't happen overnight. What does it take to build soil organic matter? A deep dive into how microbes manage our soils.

Soil Tests - What is Really Important?

CEU 1: Crop Management

Jake Munroe and Sebastien Belliard, OMAFRA

  • Where can you get the most bang for your buck? - from soil fertility tests to the newest soil health tests.

Jake Munroe - Soil Management Specialist for Field Crops with OMAFRA

Sebastian Belliard Soil Management Specialist for Field Crops with OMAFRA

Local Farmer Discussion Panels

  • Compaction
  • Handling and Maximizing Manure
  • Getting Started with Soil Health
  • Erosion Control; Managing Field Landscape

Concurrent Sessions

Session 1 Topic A: Soil Compaction

Tillage, tires and what is driving change? What is it costing?

CEU 1: Crop Management


  • Ian McDonald, OMAFRA
  • Warren Schneckenburbger, Cedar Lodge Farms, Morrisburg
  • Kees Hoogendorn, Hogendoorn Dairy, Baden

Session 1 Topic B: Getting Started with Soil Health

Ah ha moments - Where did change start? What are the economics? How were cover crops, tillage and rotation included?

CEU 1: Soil & Water Management


  • Deb Campbell, Agronomy Advantage Inc., Dundalk
  • Aaron Bowman, Pride Seeds
  • Jennifer Doelman, Bonnechere Haven Farms, Douglas

Session 2 Topic A: Handling and Maximizing Manure

Getting the most from manure: incorporation, reducing odour, increasing nutrient content, and no-till practices

CEU 1: Nutrient Management


  • Peter Doris, OMAFRA
  • Wilfred Raats, Raats Custom Farming, Metcalfe
  • Alex Barrie, Gordon Barrie and Sons, Bowmanville (Kemptville)
  • Scott Swain, Swain Beef, Blackstock (Cobourg)

Session 2 Topic B: Erosion: Managing the Field Landscape

What are strategies for a system approach to erosion? In what context are different strategies appropriate?

CEU 1: Soil & Water Management


  • Kevin McKague, OMAFRA
  • Wes Honey, Warkworth (Cobourg)
  • Gordon Green (Cobourg)
  • Brian Fairfield (Cobourg)

Summation and Challenge

Highlights from the presentations and challenges to go home with.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership, OSCIA, Ontario, Canada